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Hanson formally adopts partner Lex upon retirement

By Traci Chapman
Staff Writer

When Lex became a Mustang police officer, he became part of a bigger family – but to no one was he as close as he was to his partner, Sgt. David Hanson. It seems appropriate, then, that as he readied for retirement in early September, Lex and Hanson would choose to move forward together.

That’s because eight-year-old Lex, one of two Mustang K9 officers, forged a bond with Hanson that even the sergeant – who already had three dogs at home – didn’t expect, he said.
“He’s just one of those dogs who you just love and feel incredibly close to – part of it was the work, but part of it is just because of who he is and all he’s become to us,” Hanson said last week.
Lex came to Mustang Police Department in 2017, thanks to a donation by Logan County Sheriff’s office. In his time serving the community he was responsible for several drug arrests, Chief Rob

Groseclose said – but it was as a visitor to area schools with his partner he really shined.

Hanson and Lex last week, after Lex’s retirement from Mustang Police Department and the sergeant’s official adoption of his former partner. (Photo by Traci Chapman)

“I’ve seen situations where some K-9s just don’t do that well with children or with people they don’t know well, but that’s never been the case with Lex,” the chief said earlier this month. “He’s always just been such an asset with the community – he’s got an incredible work ethic but he’s also just a sweet, sweet boy.”

That was the consensus of the educators who always welcomed Hanson and Lex to their schools – the partners provided a fun learning tool for students, who loved seeing them in action.

“We actually get requests for Lex and Sgt. Hanson to come visit us, which is pretty unusual,” then Centennial Elementary School vice principal Daryl Williamson said during one such visit in January 2019. “I think the staff loves Lex as much as the kids do.”

That time has now come to an end, as Lex officially retired Sept. 1, and Mustang City Council officially approved Hanson’s adoption of his former partner the same day. It was an action that clearly made both happy, as last week they had their picture taken with Lex wanting cuddles in between shots.

“We’re just so happy that we can provide a warm and loving home for Lex and that he’s even more officially now a part of our family,” Hanson said. “He’s worked hard and he deserves a rest with the people who love him most.”

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