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Margarita lounge opening soon

By Steve Coulter


A paradise of nothing but margaritas is coming soon to Mustang Road and S.W. 15th.

Margarita lovers will love Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge. It’s an upscale lounge that will serve 30 different flavors of margaritas. The new lounge will specialize in and just serve margaritas.

“We are going to be a margarita lounge. We’re only serving margaritas. We will have to-go margaritas in several flavors-frozen and on the rocks. And we’ll have a little lounge there as well. So they can either stay or go,” said Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge Owner Tammy Radney.

Tipsy Island will be open from noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. And they’re going to make it really easy to get to-go margaritas.

“We’ll have to-go margaritas that are sealed. You can come in and pick out your flavors and then we seal it and you can take it home. We have a person who will make them for you. The drinks are sealed up when you leave. It’s 21 and up to enter,” said Radney.

Tipsy Island is going to have a fun and nice Island vibe to it. A place to relax and enjoy your favorite margaritas.

“We have couches and a bar. It’s going to be more of a luxury lounge and have an Island vibe. It’s like black and white. It has a night island theme. We have 12 machines and 30 flavors to enjoy,” she said.

Tipsy Island is also going to be a local place to go for business and social events.

“I’m a real estate agent and a broker. I wanted a nice place to be able to have upscale social events for everyone. It’s just an upscale margarita lounge. Made for networking and professionals,” said Radney.

Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge will be located in the Mustang Creek Shopping Center. They are planning to be open by the first part of November.



  1. Glenda on October 2, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    Are they made with tequila or are they made with wine? Can’t wait to try one!

  2. Susie on December 11, 2020 at 7:37 pm

    Just a quick question…… wondering how they will be sealed?

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