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Opinion: Who’s getting the vaccine?

By Steve Coulter

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Oklahoma is off to a really bad start. There has been so much confusion on how to sign up and where to go. The Oklahoman State Department of Health says you must register at to receive email notifications. Sounds easy, but many people are having lots of issues.

It’s been a complete mess and very frustrating for so many people trying to get scheduled with no luck. A lot of people are having email confirmation problems and no idea when a time slot will be available.

Steve Coulter, Co-Publisher

And the Health Department holding one vaccination day a week just doesn’t work. Why don’t we have multiple days available? Let’s get the shots in the arms as quickly as possible. This slow pace is going to take forever.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health says your eligibility does not guarantee an appointment will be available to you. Appointment availability is solely dependent on vaccine supply in each county. They ask people registering to be patient.

Hundreds of people have voiced their frustration over the vaccine rollout process.

“Patience hell, I’ve registered twice with two different emails (over 65) and haven’t received an email yet on either. My wife (over 65) registered once — no email. The appointment page shows no available shots 100 miles out. We’re drowning out here and you’ve thrown me a rope that isn’t tied to anything. I’m high risk with lung issues and have been isolated for 10 months and you are not doing anything to help me and my wife. Shame on all of you,” said Marc Hall.

“I still dont’ know if I should register again or not. I received the email saying to set up my appointment time but they were all full. I don’t know if I am still eligible or if I have to register again,” said Connie Tanksley Stover.

“This is a mess and I am out of patience! My 87 year old mother was registered and informed she would be in Phase 4. And if she entered something incorrectly, when given the ability to review, it won’t allow for a correction! How is that possible? I’m an essential worker and scheduled for a vaccine next week. I’m taking my mother and she can have mine. God knows, we can’t depend on our state health department to take care of the citizens! Our vulnerable seniors need the vaccine,” said Paula Inbody.

“I think you are making things so complicated that people without a computer or internet can get any appointments. Are you all doing this on purpose? Sure looks like it,” said Phyllis Blankenship.
“I signed up my father three times with three different emails. Twice he was eligible, once he was not. REGARDLESS, I NEVER got an email,” said Kayla Silver.

Some people do not want the vaccine and have no plans to get vaccinated. Here are some of their thoughts about the new vaccine.

“Nope. Too many issues and side effects that media has suppressed!” said Barbie Slattery.

“You couldn’t pay me to be their Guinea pig. I’ll stick to building my immune system instead and leave the vaccine for those more vulnerable and afraid,” said Audra Abbott.

“Absolutely not,” said LaDonna Roberts.

“No one in our house is taking it,” said Christina Bundesen.

“That is a no!” said Tiffany West.

Several front line workers and seniors have had the opportunity to get the vaccine. How was their experience and did they have any side effects?

“Got mine this week. Just like getting the flu shot. Minor arm pain and it gives me a sense of relief that I will have immunity and it will start getting back to normal. I am 75, don’t want to fight covid alone in a hospital,” said Suzy Linville.

“I’m in the medical field and I’m getting my second one next week. Just had some significant arm pain but that only lasted a couple days,” said Lindsay Griffin.

“Had the first dose. Sore arm and fatigue. Had second dose yesterday. I’ve had fatigue, fever, chills, body aches. Much worse. But it is worth it,” said Mandy Jester.

“I got my second dose. Other than a sore arm, no side effects,”said Jessica Pendley.

“Got first dose just a few days ago. Hardly felt the shot and soreness was minimum on shot site,” said Bair-Loan Nguyen.

“1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I had a really sore arm for a day. 2nd dose of the vaccine, no side effects at all! Not even a sore arm!” said Crystal Jean Geiss.

“Getting my second tomorrow! I trust the science and rather deal with the side effects of the vaccine vs. COVID,” said Anna Heath.

“2nd vaccine on Tuesday, some mild nausea and headache, one excedrine knocked it out! Super thankful to INTEGRIS for making this a priority for nurses!” said Whitney Homer.

“Had my 2nd dose yesterday. Feeling very fatigued today, slight headache and muscle aches, low grade fever and chills…nothing that some ibuprofen can’t fix. I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow. Myhusband is signed up to get his as soon as he can,” said Heather Patterson.

“I got my vaccine last Tuesday. My arm was a tiny bit sore the first evening but no pain or sickness since then. My 98 year old dad got his yesterday and has no symptoms at all,” said Georgia Mathes Powell.

“I had the first dose so far, I had a low fever and felt ill on the second day but by the third day I had no symptoms and my arm didn’t even hurt anymore,” said Jordan Dolores Seabourn.

The rollout of the vaccine is going slow and definitely has some kinks to get worked out. Requiring a second dose only complicates the situation. Most people are only experiencing mild symptoms.

Hopefully the process of getting Oklahomans vaccinated will get better soon.

“I can’t wait until it’s my turn! Bring on that vaccine! I want to shop in person at Target! Big aspirations!” said Denise Daniels Harris.

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