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Del City trying to attract new employees

By Anthony Thomas
Staff Writer

The City of Del City is urgently looking for new employees to fill a long list of positions. The City in recent months has been taking steps to incentivize people to apply and for current employees to stay.

Most recently, the City Council approved several measures to incentivize people to work for Del City. At their last meeting the council changed the new-hire probationary period from one year, down to six months. While in the probationary period employees don’t receive all the benefits of a full-time employee so the city felt it necessary to shorten this probationary period.

The new probationary period goes into effect immediately.

At the meeting the City also renewed the health, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits for city employees and retirees. Every employee receives a health and prescription drug plan though Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

Back in August the Council also took several actions to incentivize workers. Primarily in the form of pay increases for entry level positions and longevity pay.

Longevity pay is a bonus paid each year an employee stays near the time of their anniversary with the city. The additional $30 per year bonus has increased to $50. The minimum payment after five years of service is now $250 per year plus the additional $50 each year. These increases will cost the city about $18,000 annually.

With a 3% pay increase, most employees that fall in levels G-1 to G-6 will see around a $1,000 dollar increase per year. The raises will cost the city about $122,000 annually.

“With so many companies increasing pay we felt the city needed to as well to stay competitive. We want to give an incentive for people to work for Del City. Our goal is to keep the great employees we already have and attract fresh quality workers to the city,” Eason said.

At press time the City currently has 19 positions open. The city is looking for a marketing coordinator, event coordinator, 911 dispatcher, animal control officer, crew workers-parks, light equipment operators-sewer line maintenance, plant operators-waste water treatment plant, and water treatment plant operators.

To apply for jobs visit City Hall Monday-Friday 9 to 5 or the City’s website at

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