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Mustang celebrates large graduate class in Norman

Graduation in Lloyd Noble Center marks a celebration for families across the district.

By Jacob Sturm

The floor level in the Lloyd Noble Center contained the massive graduating class of a student body once again on May 19, but on Thursday evening the usual Crimson color had morphed into a considerably brighter version than the one normally on campus.

Mustang High School’s class of 2022 had heard the music synonymous with happiness and transition of lives, and that meant filing in to the special venue as cheers rang out from the crowd.

Mustang’s current batch of Seniors were graduating, and that’s all that mattered to the filled gymnasium’s occupants.

Mustang Superintendent, Charles Bradley, delivered a speech to the students graduating and reiterated the three main life lessons he included in his senior class letter in the previous week. Those included: Being inventive, never settling and being someone you look up to.

He said the Class of 2022 will always be a part of the Mustang Bronco Family.

“This is your home, regardless of where you end up living, studying or working,” Bradley said. “Your teachers, principals, families and I are proud of your journey and excited to see what impact you will have on this world as you navigate this new phase of your lives. We will miss you, Class of 2022.”

The Senior Class Valedictorian, Joseph Mathew, also spoke during the ceremony.

He said each student has different experiences and that each individual assessed the value and worth of things differently. He provided the example of AP testing and clubs as stepping stools to get to his goals, but said other activities like sports and band would be others “gateway to success”

“We all have different paths and different goals,” Mathew said. “My ambitions may not align with yours, but that doesn’t make either of our goals any less than the other. We all value things differently, so don’t be discouraged by what other people pursue and worry if you are on the wrong road because at the end of the day, we are all headed in different directions. You know they say, “Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.”

Kate Dillon, Mustang’s Senior Class President, then gave a speech centered on fishing trips with her father and comparing the experience to the High School life lessons she learned.

“Each lure has a unique purpose” was compared to how each student has a unique purpose that makes us special. “You won’t always catch something on the first cast, so keep casting” was compared to students striving toward their goals. Finally, “a successful fishing day is less about the catch and more about the people” directly applied to investing in the people around us.

“In a world where success is often measured by wealth, fame, and titles, I believe our greatest achievement in life will be how we invest in the people around us,” Dillon said.

Mustang High School Principal, Dr. Kathy Knowles, addressed the student body and gave some remarks as the final speaker before the graduation became official.

She asked the students to reflect on the impact friends, family and teachers have made and implored them to give back. She also congratulated the students for their accomplishments.

“I would like to congratulate each of you on your very important achievement,” Knowles said. “You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Strive to keep reaching beyond just this diploma. Life is all about surviving and pressing on. Take hold of your diploma and your future now. You will do great things.”

Then the diplomas were given out as students walked across the stage and shook hands with the Mustang School District leaders before taking their seats again and eventually moved their tassels from right to left. The newest graduating class from Mustang Public Schools was finally confirmed.

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