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WEST OKC TODAY: Texas tea concept coming to the area

A tea lovers paradise is opening soon at 500 S. Mustang Rd. HTeaO is a Texas based tea room that’s expanding into Oklahoma and many other states.

HTeaO offers 24 flavors of fresh tea brewed hourly. They feature the best 100% broadleaf iced tea. All of their tea and water is brewed with double-pass reverse osmosis water and is available by the bottle and gallon.

“It’s a franchise out of Amarillo Texas and founded in 2009. When you walk in you’ll hear red dirt music over the sound system. It’s mostly country music and it’s got the down south vibe to it,” said Franchise Owner Cody Russell.

The tea room has a variety of flavors like Sweet Almond, Watermelon, Georgia Peach and Blueberry Coconut. Customers are encouraged to come in the lobby and sample the iced teas. Little paper cups are provided for sampling.

“We have a lot of different flavors. It’s just like a cool little playground of iced teas,” said Russell.

HTeaO offers a variety of sweet teas and unsweetened flavors.

“We pride ourself on the healthier choices. We have unsweet flavors and a fruit bar. You can put fruit inside your drink. We literally have the most unique concept out there,” said Russell.

The Texas Tea themed concept has really taken off with plans to open over 100 locations this year in the United States.

“There’s a lot of people excited about it coming to town. You’ll love this place,” said Russell.

HTeaO also sells snacks, chips, beef jerky and Brewhouse coffee. Construction is under way now and they plan to be open by this summer.

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