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School district buys property

New property will free up classroom space as the school district grows. (Image provided by Keaton Fouts)

By Jacob Sturm

There will be a future property of the Mustang Public School district following a special meeting by the Mustang Public Schools Board of Education on May 27.

The property, located on 120 West Chisholm Trail Way in Canadian County and inside the City of Mustang, was put up to a motion after a nearly 20-minute executive session and was seconded immediately by BOE President Todd Lovelace.

Mustang Public Schools Superintendent, Charles Bradley, indicated the purchase of property will help make additional room for classrooms within the district as Mustang continues growing.

“It’s no secret Mustang’s growing,” Bradley said. “I mean, surprise, a couple houses have just popped up with us talking here, but the main intended purpose is to move (district staff). We’ve grown so much that we’ve had district staff that are taking classroom space.”

“So, what this will do is allow us to pull some of those district staff into this building, freeing up classrooms,” Bradley said. “…So, that’s the intended purpose is to move district services into this building.”

Those services are currently located at Mustang High School, the Mustang Educational Resource Center and the Mustang Education Center.

The Mustang Public School District expands beyond the City of Mustang, meaning students are traveling to Mustang for school every day. That, and the housing developments increasing in the area, leads to the need for more space as students enter the district.

One of those developments, the Vineyard, is still going through the process for zoning approval from the Mustang Planning Commission before they can present their planned unit development to the Mustang City Council.

District services won’t be far from any of the schools. The new property is west of the Mustang Fire Department on State Highway 152, merely minutes away from the MERC, Performing Arts Center and the High Schoo

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