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Council approves permit for Lions Club

Staff recommendations will restrict the Lions Club to up to four sponsored public events and no private events on the property.

By Jacob Sturm

The July 12 City Council meeting provided clarity on the next steps the City of Mustang will take in regards to the Mustang Lions Club event center that had been seeking a special use permit for the club.
This discussion has been ongoing since the city became aware of the issue and looked into the Lions Club zoning. The findings indicated an improper zoning for the club event center. Since then, the city has sent the zoning change application through the Planning Commission for deliberation.
At that Planning Commission meeting, the discussion centered on a special use permit, which would have given the Lions Club more flexibility to host events and raise funds for the organization through renting of their property for private events.
Lions Club events can be held at different locations to make up the funding differences and therefore should remove the concerns of funding from the conversation.
Planning Commissioners voiced their sentiments for individual experiences at or near the club event center on Frisco Road, and that seeped through into their decision to ignore the city staff recommendations to not allow private events and limit Lions Club sponsored public events at the location.
In its recommendations to the City Council, the Planning Commission suggested a special use permit that would allow public and private events to occur on the property. They also made a stipulation that there would not be a limit to public events as long as the special event permit process the city currently practices is followed.
When that got to City Council on July 12, both city staff and Planning Commission suggestions were available for the Council to reference and deliberate.
Both sides of an ongoing Lions Club dispute appealed to the council ahead of the discussion. The Council limited comments to about three minutes per person and heard from a plethora of individuals on both sides of the dispute.
Council then passed the special use permit with staff recommendations. This means the Lions Club will have a special use permit that allows up to four Lions Club sponsored public events and no private events on the property each year.
Special use permits are reviewed every two years. If the Lions Club were to not meet the standard the city requires, the permit could be removed at that time.
Both staff and Planning Commissioners were present during the meeting, too. After the decision, the room filed out with more clarity on the situation and the city stance on the matters at hand.

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