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Bakers bringing delicious competition to pie contest

By Jacob Sturm

With an eye on the champion pie maker title, bakers from across the county will be battling it out during the Canadian County Free Fair Annual Pie Contest taking place on Friday, Aug. 26 at the EXPO Center.
As per usual, pies will be entered at the free fair Friday morning. Entries can be done between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. before the pies are judged at 11:30.
Anybody who is a county resident can bake a pie and bring it in for judging. People who are participating in the pie contest can get an up close perspective on the competition through taking home other people’s pie entries following judging.
Pies will be judged on flavor, texture of crust, texture of filling and general appearance.
There is no talking to judges permitted during judging. Participants are asked to put their name and phone number on the pie pans. Those pans may be picked up on Saturday evening at the Expo Center when exhibits are released.
There is a senior division and a junior division for this contest. The Junior Champion Pie Maker will be named, with the winner of the top blue-ribbon pie receiving $50.00 and a Trophy Award that will be sponsored by Clara & Harry Havener.
Classes for the junior division include Fruit, Pecan, Meringue/Custard, Pumpkin or Squash, Sugar-free, Gluten free, or any other.
The senior division Champion Pie Baker for the top blue-ribbon pie will receive $100.00 and a Trophy Award will be sponsored by the Family of Lois Lagaly in her Memory.
Classes for the competition category include Apple, Cherry, Berry, any kind, Other Fruit Pies, Pecan, Chocolate Meringue, Coconut, Lemon, Cheese and Custard, Cream Pie (not listed), Ice Box Pie (not listed), Pumpkin or Squash, Sugar-free, Gluten free, or any other.
The Busy Baker Pie Award winner will receive $50.00. The exhibitor with the most blue-ribbon pies will receive this award. The junior and senior Champion Pie Baker is NOT eligible for Busy Baker Award.

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