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American Legion Post 353 remembers 9/11

John Bishop makes remarks during the American Legion Post 353 commemoration.

By Jacob Sturm

This past week marked another year since the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001, and the American Legion Post 353 in Mustang were not about to let it pass without the ceremonial remembrance honoring those impacted.

John Bishop read recommended remarks for Post Commanders at the ceremony held at Veterans Plaza in Wildhorse Park, which said there is concern that the events are fading from people’s memories.

The remarks Bishop conveyed also talked about the United States enemies, including those who helped hatch the plot of the attacks are counting on United States citizens to be complacent.

If there’s complacency, it won’t be from the American Legion Post 353.

Bishop, along with the other members of Post 353 who attended the ceremony, represent some of the many members of the armed forces who have sacrificed to help protect our country. Like many others, the attacks remain fresh in the memories of the veterans who call Mustang home.

The suggested remarks Bishop read also stressed the significance of the armed forces who are currently serving to dismantle the “terror networks that threaten peace and security worldwide.”

Before the 21-gun salute, Bishop also read the proclamation released by President Joe Biden and lead a prayer. The commemoration followed soon afterward to close the event.

Legion in position for the commemoration during Bishop’s remarks.

Members of the American Legion Post 353 who attended and participated in the event on Sunday.



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