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Wolfley re-elected in House 95

State Rep. Max Wolfley won reelection on Nov. 8. File photo

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

Rep. Max Wolfley will return to the State Capitol.

The freshman lawmaker won re-election in State House District 95 with nearly 54% of the vote. Wolfley received 5,302 votes, with Democratic challenger Tegan Malone drawing 4,528 or 46%.

Wolfley believed he had a good shot at reelection but was cautiously optimistic on election day. That caution turned to jubilation as the results rolled in.

“I feel truly blessed to get to continue working for the people of this district and was pleased to win by a larger margin than last time, going from 2% to nearly 8%,” he said.

Malone said she was pleased with her campaign which overcame numerous obstacles along the way.

“I am proud of the progress we made with our neighbors and will continue to make,” she said on her campaign Facebook page. “We will hold our elected officials to task because the job of a representative is to represent the interests in an area. We will continue to make our voices heard.”

Wolfley will be the first person to serve in consecutive terms since Charlie Joyner, who was elected to the seat in 2006 and was re-elected four times. Roger Ford won an open race for the seat in 2016 and did not seek re-election. Kelly Albright won an open race in 2018 but lost to Wolfley in 2020.

Wolfley said one of his top priorities for the new legislative session will be inflation relief, especially for seniors and others who are struggling. He said he wants to see the state’s grocery sales tax removed, reducing taxes on retirement income and continuing to work on freezing property tax valuations for seniors.

“We need to make sure that rising prices don’t mean that state employees, teachers and education support personnel are actually working for less, especially when recurring state revenues are up enough to cover the cost with no tax increase,” he said.

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