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Woman receives multiple charges in arrest

Woman arrested on multiple charges by Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

By Jacob Sturm

On Nov. 8, Melissa Lee Kono received four charges stemming from a Nov. 2 encounter with a member of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer noticed a truck waiting to turn left to travel east on Highway 66. The tag lights of the truck were not working and the driver’s side brake light was not working and instead had been emitting white light.

According to the affidavit, the officer initiated a traffic stop due to the above equipment violations on the vehicle. The officer asked the driver to leave the vehicle, searched him and found what was believed to be methamphetamine on the person. The driver also had an arrest warrant out for them, and the officer placed the driver under arrest.

The passengers in the vehicle were then asked to exit, and they complied. One of the passengers, Melissa Kono, exited the car with a purse and numerous smaller bags with her. The officer checked to see if either passenger had an arrest warrant out for them and did not find any.

Kono’s purse had a variety of gift cards and casino cards, along with other identity documents that belonged to other people. The officer also located a pink bag that had several syringes that were used and another loaded with a dark substance the officer identified as commonly used to inject methamphetamine.

The officer confirmed the substance to be methamphetamine after Kono admitted to the substance likely testing positive for the substance. Kono was then placed under arrest for possession of controlled dangerous substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kono also falsely impersonated another individual when the officer first identified her, and followed up with the dispatcher. Kono had been discovered to have an arrest warrant for her in Canadian County. The officer then charged Kono with false impersonation.

The Oklahoma State Courts Network indicated Kono also received a charge for bringing contraband (weapons, explosives, drugs, intoxicating beverage, low point beer or money) into a jail or penal institution.

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