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Midwest City declares apartment complex dilapidated

Midwest City City Council last week declared the Midwest Pointe apartments as a dilapidated build due to structural damage, water damage, and mold. PHOTO BY KRISTIN HARRISON

Property owner has 30 days to address issues

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

Midwest City officials are putting pressure on a problematic apartment complex.

The city council last week declared the Midwest Point Apartments, 1200 N. Air Depot Blvd., as a dilapidated building and gave the property owner 30 days to remedy the issues.

The city’s chief building official reported structural issues, water damage, leaks in ceilings, and mold in several of the buildings. The second floor of one of the buildings is being held up by screw jacks.

According to city code, a dilapidated building is a structure that is in a state of decay or partial ruin to such extent that is a hazard to the health, safety, or welfare of the general public. It can also be unfit for human occupancy due to lack of necessary repairs and considered uninhabitable.

It has been an ongoing issue for the city. In September 2020, the fire marshal issued a notice that the property was an “unsafe building/complex.” The property owner responded by hiring an engineer to remedy many of the issues, said Brandon Bundy, director of engineering and construction services.

Early this year, city staff followed up and determined that none of the work recommended had been started. And in many cases, the conditions had worsened.

“The principal issue is the water damage that is getting behind the siding,” Bundy said. “There are a lot of issues that I could go through, but it’s just an unsafe structure all the way around.”

The apartment complex is owned by California-based Silverwood Estates, LLC., according to online property records. The complex includes 13 separate buildings, many of which are currently occupied.

City attorney Don Maisch said the company sent a few emails in the past.

Councilmembers expressed concern for residents who would be displaced.

“The folks that live here are the innocent ones,” said Sean Reed, city councilmember. “I don’t feel sorry for any property owner that lets that happen, but we have to bear in mind that folks that live there this might be one of the few options they have.  So, we need to be as understanding as possible.”

Sara Bana, Ward 5 councilmember, thanked the city for standing up for residents who are living in unsafe conditions, and offered her assistance.

Eads asked if the city could check with other apartments that might offer assistance.

Bundy said they will reach out to different community organizations to provide resources for residents.

“This is a very unfortunate thing and it’s bothered us for quite some time that they’re in an unsafe condition now,” Bundy said. “I think the only way to help them is to get them out of this unsafe situation.”

One person spoke about the issue. He said he has lived next to the apartment complex for nine years and knows several residents who live there. He said the owners of the complex have neglected many maintenance and safety issues over the years.

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    I am writing you in regards to a proposed community project.
    As of Aug 1st the residents of Midwest Pointe Apartments were evicted due to health hazards and code violations. Resulting in a multitude of Midwest city residents becoming displaced and homeless.
    I’d like to partner with the city , state, HUD, local corporations and the local community to bring the first multi- family housing unit to Oklahoma
    I am requesting this property be donated as an in kind donation to the non-profit
    Not only would we save the city and the state demolition costs, but it would foster good will with the community by directly impacting the urban housing crisis..
    We would to allow future resident to move in once codes were brought up to regulation. We plan to build a balance healthy community based on permanent housing first initiatives.
    We plan to renovate, remodle and rehab this complex making it a useful asset to the city, state and citizens of Oklahoma.
    With your help we at Noble endeavors can effectively change the lives of 120 families in a 13 month time frame. This project would also boost the city economically by employing local contractors and businesses.
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