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Memorial Day a day for remembering

Midwest City Mayor Matt Dukes lowers the flag on Memorial Day. PHOTO BY MAXINE WHEELAN

By Maxine Wheelan

Staff Writer

Memorial Day for a nation that will not forget the sacrifices made by many that others may live in peace.

The day in Midwest City started with a Memorable Service at the Veteran’s Memorial with Mayor Matt Dukes, Hiawatha Bouldin, Tony Bennett, and Tom Pomelow lowering the flags to half-mast.  They were assisted by Don Huff, Walter Chrysler and Bennie Summers. 

Capt. John Keilty, teacher of Navy ROTC at Del City High School, was present to announce that Bob Kalsu, who was killed in 1970 while serving in the Vietnam War, will soon have a statue at Del City High School.  

The Crosses remembering those no longer with us were then placed next to the memorial and all those present were involved.

At noon several gathered back at the memorial to raise the flags.  Bouldin, Robert Winters, Bennett and Pomelow as well as many of the veterans that was present for the lowering.

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