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Minco Mayor resigns following special meeting

Following a special meeting Thursday, in which the Minco city council voted unanimously to fire the city’s attorney, and cut its police budget in half, Minco Mayor Keith McMullen has turned in his letter of resignation after eight years as mayor.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

As the Mayor of Minco for a total of nearly ten years it has always been my goal to do what was best for the City. I believe that you must always look at the bigger picture and try to plan for the future. A lot has been accomplished with the limited resources we had to work with.

It is an elected official’s responsibility to do what is best for the people they represent. In this day and age it is imperative that we have adequate law enforcement which includes code enforcement. Your safety and the protection of your property values is our responsibility. Infrastructure is also one of our responsibilities. It has been difficult, due to the water plant payment obligation the past 24 years, plus the maintenance cost. Fortunately, we were able to get some grants over the years to replace some old water lines and a new grant this year for sewer line repairs. I want to thank the council people that were willing to help get those grants.
It’s unfortunate that now there is a city council that is unable to see the bigger picture and apparently care nothing for the future of the town. It’s very evident when they cut the police budget in half that they care nothing for the safety of the community. When they are influenced by a few people that care nothing for the town because they think there may be a threat to them making money from leasing property for a solar farm project. As a result, the council fires the City Attorney based on lies.

The incompetence of the city council is very alarming and very sad. These individuals do not care and it does not seem that any attempt on my part to help the community would be considered. Therefore, effective June 1, 2023, I resign as Mayor for the City of Minco.

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