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Brookstone Village community development making progress

Work continues to be done on the apartments in the Brookstone Village community development. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

It wouldn’t be tough for Mustang residents to notice the massive amount of construction near 29th street and Mustang Road.

The intersection has been a part of the large business boom of the recent months, with an INTEGRIS hospital coming up in a hurry on the Northwest Corner of the intersection along with a plethora of activity on the Southeast quadrant.

That’s where the Brookstone Village community development has been rapidly assembling materials and building structures, with plenty of unique businesses coming to the area.

One of the structures far along in the building phase is JackBe, a shopping center that has a unique pickup only business model.

JackBe has a location open on May Avenue and 178th street in the Edmond area and opened a second location in May of 2023. The location on Mustang Road is the third site where the company has broken ground, with the building making real progress on the external walls as work continues.

Caleb Hill, the developer for the property on the Southeast corner of Mustang Road and 29th street said JackBe and the building for Domino Express are pretty close together in terms of a timeline for completion.

Hill couldn’t speak to some of the names of businesses they are working with, but did provide some types of businesses the area will see introduced in the future.

“We’ve got a hardware store that we’re working with on 29 th street, and Domino Express, which is a convenient store,” Hill said. “They purchased the corner on southwest 29th street and Mustang Road and they’re currently under construction.”

Then comes the JackBe south of Domino Express. Hill then mentioned Brookstone Village, a 20,000 square-foot retail and restaurant space that will be under construction for the foreseeable future.

Hill said there will be a coffee shop coming in along with a nail salon and a couple of other restaurants, even though Hill said they are still trying to figure out what restaurants will take space with drive thru availability. There could also be dental offices included in the final product.

Hill said the land was purchased in September of 2021.

“It’s been pretty incredible, the demand for retail and services in this corridor, obviously Mustang Road is the arterial connection between Mustang and Interstate 40,” Hill said. “So, it’s been underserved, and now add all the housing that’s under construction within a mile radius of this location, it’s exponentially compounded the demand.”

Hill also mentioned the John Kilpatrick Turnpike as one additional cause for the rapid growth around the area.

The ‘Pure’ apartments currently under construction anticipate to be completing the work by the end of the year. The shell of the building for Brookstone Village is anticipated to be completed by the end of August, with businesses likely opening near the end of 2023.

Hill also mentioned a US Employees Federal Credit Union had purchased the southernmost lot, even though they have not started construction yet. With the Brookstone Village community development project having been long underway, a sense of excitement for the finished product.

“We’re pretty bullish on it,” Hill said.

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