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Miss Minco pageants Saturday

The 2023 Miss Minco Pageant will be held Saturday, August 5 at 6 p.m. at Minco High School’s Auditorium.
After a long hiatus, Miss Minco was brought back last year, and is back this year with an added category. The Miss Minco Committee has announced a pageant for four different age groups: Mini Miss Minco, Little Miss Minco, Junior Miss Minco, and Miss Minco.
There are six contestants for Mini Miss:
Leighton Raye Kendall is the daughter of Dylan and Jennifer Kendall. She has 2 siblings Easton and Brynlee.
Some of her favorite things to do are trying to catch butterflies, swinging, singing Bible school songs, playing with her “big baby”, and coloring pictures. Her favorite food is chicken and rice. When she grows up she wants to be a “lunch lady like her mawmaw.” Leighton will be attending Pre-K at Minco Public Schools and she is so excited to make new friends! Leighton is someone you can always count on to give you smile and a hug to make even your bad days better.
Hadley Polk is the six year old daughter of Tony and Ashley Polk of Minco. She has one brother named Bentley. Hadley has lots of pets, five dogs, two barn cats, a baby bunny and her favorite dog Orion in heaven. Hadley is very excited to start first grade next year at Minco elementary. She loves singing. Hadley attends Longview Church. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is Chinese food. Some of Hadley’s hobbies include playing Xbox with her brother, collecting bugs, playing outside and swimming. A fun fact about Hadley is the unicorn flakes song from fortnight is her favorite song.
Kaylee Locke is the six-year-old daughter of Nathan and Christy Locke of Minco. She has a brother named Levi and a sister named Everlee. She has two cats, Socks and Tiger and 13 Chickens. Kaylee will be in first grade this year at Minco elementary. Her favorite color is navy, bulldog blue. She loves to order her favorite food, onion rings, from the Dairy Mart. For fun, Kaylee enjoys doing arts and crafts, playing with her 15 first cousins, and going camping with her dad. Kaylee also enjoys vacationing to the Colorado mountains with her family. When Kaylee grows up she wants to be an artist or a singer. A fun fact about Kaylee is that she is able to swim for long distances underwater in her grandmas pool.
Lyla Faye Rumley is the five year old daughter of Jared and Bria Rumley. She has 2 brothers, Cash and Ryker. Lyla has 2 dogs, Josie and Sophie and 2 cats, Piper and Lucky. Lyla will be starting Prek this year. Her favorite food is pepperoni pizza and salad. Her favorite color is sparkly blue. For fun, Lyla enjoys doing gymnastics, swimming, riding her bike, playing Barbie’s, putting on makeup, and playing with her friends at her brothers football games. A fun fact about Lyla is she likes to make TikTok and YouTube videos on her pretend phone showing people how to do hair and makeup.
Presley Rose Gibson is the six-year-old daughter of Jerry and Erica Gibson of Minco. She has one older brother named Foster.  Presley has two standard poodles, Cash, and Loretta. Presley is a very social little lady. She loves everybody. She gives out hugs like they are candy. She loves singing and dancing. Her favorite song is I love you a bushel and a peck. Presley attends the First Reformed Presbyterian Church on Sundays. Presley is excited to start homeschool this year. She loves spending time with her family and tagging along with mom on photo shoots. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite food is spaghetti and Mexican food. Presley is on the pre-company team at Elevate Dance Academy in Newcastle. A fun fact about Presley is she always prefers dessert before her dinner but mom and dad won’t allow it. When Presley grows up, she dreams of moving to New York City and becoming a Radio City Rockettes and a police officer.
Livian Baker is the six-year-old daughter of Daniel in Leslee Baker of Minco. She has an older brother named Deacon and a dog named Charlie. Livian attends the First Baptist Church of Minco with her family. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is spaghetti. Some of Livian’s hobbies include swimming, rollerskating, going to the lake, softball and basketball. A fun fact about Livian is she has a birthmark on her right shoulder blade that looks like a broken heart. When she grows up, she wants to be an artist and a doctor to help kids get better.
There are five Little Miss contestants:
Roxie Jones is the seven year old daughter of Jesse and Shawna Jones of Minco. She has three siblings, Cason, Reese and Oakley. Roxie has 1 dog Remi. Her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite colors are baby, blue and yellow. Roxie loves going to Texas to see her Granny, Papa and cousins. She also enjoys helping her Nana make cupcakes and playing with Papa’s puppies. Roxie plays softball and basketball. In her spare time she enjoys going to the lake, riding bikes, playing with her friends, singing, dancing, playing dress up and putting on make up. A fun fact about Roxy is she wants to run a snowcone stand when she grows up. Going to the beach is Rosie’s ideal vacation.
Sophia Lara is the 11 year old daughter of Francisco and Thelma Lara of Minco. She has 3 brothers Alan, Misael and Gael. Sophia will be in fifth grade at Minco elementary. Her favorite color is lavender and her favorite food is mac & cheese and tacos. Sophia enjoys doing softball and any outside activities. She also enjoys Thrifting with her family. A fun fact about Sophia is she learned how to do the splits when she was five from watching YouTube. Sophia volunteers at the Special Olympics with the Minco bulldogs. Sophia enjoys cooking and has started to learn how to make tamales. When Sophia grows up, she would like to be an actress in a movie or on a TV show.
Kinsley Marie Comer is the nine-year-old daughter of Corey and Sarah Comer of Minco. Kinsley has two siblings, brother Cayson and sister Braylee. She has two cats, two dogs, 19 chickens and one turkey.
Kinsley will be in the fourth grade at Minco elementary this year. Her favorite color is teal and her favorite food is any kind of tacos.  In her free time, Kinsley enjoys playing softball, basketball, singing, dancing, cheering, gymnastics fishing, hunting with dad, drawing, swimming and exploring. A fun fact about Kinsley is she is learning to play the guitar with her dad. She loves taking care of animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up.
Avery Faith Beck is the 10 year old daughter of Ryan and Audry Beck of Minco. She has two brothers, Riley and Britton. Avery is a very active member of the First Baptist Church in Minco. She loves school, especially reading. She also loves to sing and listen to Christian music in her room. She enjoys playing basketball and softball and cheering her big brothers on at their games. She loves to write stories, poetry, and songs. Avery takes ukulele lessons. She likes swimming, board games, and playing with her best friend. Avery loves animals especially her two cats, Kiki and Jasper. This past school year Avery won a plaque for the most reading counts points in the whole elementary. She had over 1000 points!
Sailor Dale Cook is the seven year old daughter of Steve and Lindy Cook. She has two brothers, Lincoln and Crew. Her favorite colors are light, blue, purple and pink. Her favorite food is sushi. Sailor will be in the second grade this year at Minco elementary. Some of Sailor‘s favorite things to do include drawing, jumping on the trampoline, riding scooters with Lincoln, swimming at her Meme and Papa‘s house and bothering her next door neighbors Mema and Papa every chance she gets. Sailor enjoyed playing softball for the first time this spring, especially the fun chants they sang in the dugout. She also enjoys going to work with her dad at Cook feed. Her favorite parts about her workdays with dad include the coffee and donuts for breakfast and working to earn money so she can stop and buy a toy on the way home.
The Junior Miss pageant will feature three contestants:
Kloe Brown is the 11-year-old daughter of John and Erin Brown. She has two brothers Caiden and Ethan. She enjoys playing basketball, softball and running track. Kloe helps with teacher appreciation breakfast and is an active member of the First Baptist church children’s ministry. Kloe received the PSO power forwards certificate for making a difference in her community. She has a servant’s heart. She always helps others feel welcome and included. She is bright, funny, and strives to do her best. Kloe  is always willing to try new things. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, rollerblading and camping at the lake. A fun fact about Chloe is she is a sushi fanatic and never turns down a coffee date.
Channing O’Neal is the 11-year-old daughter of Blair Overton from Minco and Jace and Cayten O’Neal of Quanah Texas. She has one brother named Chayden and three little sisters, Chaseley, Callie & Charleigh. Channing enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and baking in the kitchen with mom. She loves swimming with her friends and family, sleepovers with her best friends where they paint each other nails, do makeovers, and make bracelets. Chaining will attend Minco public schools. She is super excited and nervous because for the first time she will attend middle school. Channing also just recently went to Falls Creek with the Minco first Baptist church and had a wonderful time. When Channing grows up, she would like to be a dental hygienist because the world needs more smiles.
Martina Schutten is the 12-year-old daughter of Travis and Teresa Schutten of Minco. She has two siblings, Mia and Marco. Martina enjoys playing basketball, softball and doing pageants. She spends her time going to school, playing sports and having fun with her friends. Martina is in acting lessons and she would like to be an actor and a model one day. Martina attends First Baptist Church in Minco. A fun fact about Martina is that she lived in the Caribbean in Mexico for four years. While living in Mexico, she learned to swim in the ocean at an early age, and she also learned to speak Spanish. Martina loves her small town of Minco. She enjoys living on a farm surrounded by nature and animals such as horses, cows, dogs and cats.
Miss Minco’s sole contestant is Ava Jenkins. Ava is the 17-year-old daughter of Roddy and Ashley Jenkins of Minco. She has two brothers, Owen and Emmett. Ava will be a Senior at Minco High School this year and has been a proud bulldog since pre-K. She is very active in her community and enjoys volunteering with many organizations. She is the Oklahoma State FCCLA Vice President of Membership, the Minco FCCLA Chapter President, and a member of the Minco High School Choir. She is the founder of a national social media campaign #BeYourOwnBright, which encourages girls to embrace their true selves while wearing their brightest gear. Ava is a member of the first Baptist Church of Minco and is a youth worship leader. She is a proud member of the Superintendents Honor Roll, Oklahoma Honor Society and the National Honor Society. In her spare time, Ava enjoys movie nights with her family, driving around with her friends while listening to Harry Styles, doing the Jeep wave, napping and rapping, but not at the same time. Ava admits that she has a hard time passing by coffee shops. She likes to stop at each one and try their coffee. She says you never know where you might find your new favorite drink. Ava’s idea of a perfect day would be to share a piece of red velvet cheesecake with her friends at the Cheesecake Factory, then stop by Tractor Supply to visit the baby chicks and bunnies.

Ava Jenkins

Sophia Lara

Sailor Dale Cook

Roxie Jones

Presley Rose Gibson

Martina Schutten

Lyla Rumley

Livian Baker

Leighton Kendall

Kloe Brown

Kinsley Comer

Kaylee Locke

Hadley Polk

Channing O’Neal

Avery Beck

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