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Mustang nearing short break from road construction

Sara Road construction is complete, and has seen a good response from the community. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

It’s been quite some time since Mustang had a break from some of the major road construction
that comes with the growing community, but that break seems to be coming quicker than

Sara Road, which has been under construction in parts of Oklahoma City and Mustang, is
nearing its final completion according to the updates from Mustang Assistant City Manager
Justin Battles.

According to the City Managers report from July 28, contractors have estimated a completion
for the Sara Road widening project to be in September, and when asked about the progress at
the end of August, Battles mentioned the contractor is doing their final punch list items at this
time. It is not yet been officially closed out as they go through the remaining punch list items.

Following the work conclusion on Sara Road, the plan had been for the construction to start on
the SW 89 th Street and Highway 4 intersection. Battles offered an update on that Aug. 31.

“There will be a little bit of a delay in that, not because of anything except schools and school
traffic,” Battles said. “So, after the New Year, around January to February, that project will look
to go to bid… So, there will be about a four-to-five-month delay in putting any additional
transportation on section lines out.”

Going to bid would typically be a 30-day process where that project is open for bids, followed
by accepting and awarding bids at the next Mustang City Council meeting, followed by another
30-day period for the contract. Battles said that means it is about a 90-day process to get the
contractor in for a preconstruction meeting.

Battles said the plan is to start the construction on the SW 89 th street project at the
intersection, getting that addressed before the work leads to Mustang Road and up to the
Railroad tracks.

When the work gets underway, the efforts will lead to a five-lane interchange and a new traffic
signal at SW 89 th and Highway 4 that Mustang City Council members passed in 2017.

Also, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is looking to bid the State Highway 152
project that heads all the way to Union City starting in October. Battles expects construction on
that project to begin at some point after that, and mentioned the utilities are being moved at
the moment.

“If you’re looking for any updates, or if project timelines change, just continue to check the City
Manager Report and all of our social media and website feed,” Battles said.

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