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Summer Moon Coffee planning to open early 2024

Summer Moon Coffee is moving into the Brookstone Village development on Mustang road. (Photo provided)

By Jacob Sturm

As construction on the Brookstone Village development north of Mustang continues to make
progress, a plethora of retailers have made their plans to move to the location to be closer to
the growing Mustang community.

Of those retailers with definitive plans, Summer Moon Coffee is expected to draw a substantial
number of customers once it opens in the early months of 2024.

Tori Arnold, the owner of Summer Moon Coffee, indicated Mustang as being one of the cities
the business targeted to move into.

“We’ve been in Yukon, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and we knew that Mustang has been growing
so much (that) we needed to go there just because it is a little bit farther to Yukon and a lot of
people had been commuting to our Yukon location,” Arnold said. “So, going to Mustang, Caleb
(Hill, a developer with PrecorRuffin) reached out to us… Once we saw it, we realized how much
traffic was there and we knew that was going to be a great spot considering it had drive
through and it was just going to be a really nice development.”

Summer Moon Coffee specializes in oak roasted coffee, which is delivered to the locations from
Austin every week.

Arnold also said the coffee is extremely smooth and is mixed with Moon milk making for an
unmatched flavor that Mustang residents will have the chance to experience once the store is

Summer Moon Coffee is a franchise shop, but is a smaller operation than a typical franchise.
Arnold said it’s a family-owned business, with Oklahoma locations Arnold operates being one of
the companies first franchise shops.

The planned location on Mustang Road will have an indoor seating area and a drive through
once it is operational.

“It’s actually going to have an incredible lobby,” Arnold said. “Tons of seating, comfy seating,
lots of tables to work at (and) study at and all of that, but we’ll also have the convenience of a
drive through.”

Arnold mentioned the shop will always have a really fast drive through service, but emphasized
they are all about the quality of the coffee. She also stressed the importance of the baristas
being friendly people.

Summer Moon Coffee plans to stay around 20-25 people when they begin hiring for the
Mustang area location.

As of this point, a definitive date for opening the location has not been announced. The location
will share a building with Great Clips and Topline Nails and Lashes near the southern portion of
the development along Mustang Road.

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