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Christmas display up at Mustang Historical Society

Display cases inside the Mustang Historical Society are showcasing plenty of holiday exhibits for the public to come and observe. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the members of the Mustang Historical Society are
prepared with a vast array of displays involving the Christmas spirit.

A plethora of Santa Clause’ are on display, with many of them thanks to Connie Finchum (who
loaned many of the displays). The displays also include personalized nativity scenes that
Finchum created in the 1970’s.

Others also lent the Historical Society various Christmas-themed objects that have been put in
and around the display cases the Historical Society received earlier this year.

Dietra Bradsher, a member of the Mustang Historical Society, said the members worked on
setting the exhibit up for a few weeks. That included a Dec. 4 meeting where the members
intended to have the items set up beforehand.

“We were going with the old vintage Christmas things, Christmas toys, Santa’s,” Bradsher said.
“So, we’re trying to keep with that theme. And just how the (Santas’ have) different looks
through the years of how Santa’s face may have changed through the years and so forth. I know
some of these have been collected (as) Hallmark collectibles and been collected since the
1970’s and 1980’s. So, we’ve got some pretty awesome stuff.”

The display will be available for a limited time.

Bradsher reiterated that the Historical Society members are excited about the possibility of
attracting more people to the museum for the display. She said she hopes that people will
enjoy the rest of the museum when they come by, and that they can glean knowledge from
those exhibits, too.

The support and interaction from the public is also high on the Historical Society’s list of hopes
from the displays.

“We welcome it (the involvement from the public),” Bradsher said. “We wish more people
would get involved.”

The Historical Society had done a Barbie exhibit earlier in 2023, and is active during Western
Days for people to explore the museum.

Carole Hanna, the Mustang Historical Society president, would be a form of contact for those
members of the community wishing to donate some objects for future Historical Society

Check out the displays at the Mustang Historical Society building located just west of the Mustang Del Rancho on State Highway 152.

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