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INTEGRIS Clinic coming to Hunter Terrace Retail Shell location

The clinic location will be in a new building located near the Mustang Marketplace complete development east of the Mustang Walmart. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

A new location for INTEGRIS will be located in Mustang according to recent information
provided by the city.

Located at 1233 E State Highway 152 as part of the Hunter Terrace Retail Shell, INTEGRIS will be
adding a small clinic in addition to the new building recently completed just North of Mustang
on Mustang Road. Mustang City Planner Ryan Conner provided additional information
regarding the location.

“The permit was for 1,420 square feet,” Conner said. “So, it’s taking up solid space there.”

Conner said INTEGRIS hasn’t yet provided the city with an indication as to when they will be
moving in and opening up shop at the new location.

In fact, the plan to add a location to the area was a surprise to the city when INTEGRIS provided
Mustang with the plans.

“We had no idea until their plans came to us, actually,” Conner said. “… The space itself is a
four-unit, multi-tenant building. So, anything that’s allowed in the C-5 zoning district is what
could go in there. Sometimes, we’re given a heads up that plans are coming in (but) that one
was not really something that was in the works for very long (as far as the city goes)… That’s a
zoning fit for the area for sure.”

There are a few other small clinics in town, along with the St. Anthony Healthplex located at the
corner of Sara and SH-152. As for INTEGRIS, the clinic will be the first in Mustang following the
opening of the new location in OKC limits on Mustang Road.

The addition of more health-focused groups to Mustang should not come as a surprise as the
area has been rapidly growing. With new developments coming and providing more homes, it is
sure to attract more people to Canadian County and eventually require additional health
centers to meet residents’ medical needs as they happen.

1233 E State Highway 152 is located near Mustang Marketplace, a development just east of the
Mustang Walmart on the North side of SH-152.

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