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OnCue to remodel and add grill to Mustang location

“The Grill” in another OnCue location. A similar concept will go into Mustang’s OnCue soon. (Photo provided)

By Jacob Sturm

Mustang’s OnCue Convenience Store will be adding to its repertoire with the installation of a
new Grill in the coming months.

Emily Fate, the Public Relations Coordinator for OnCue, said the Grill will expand what OnCue
offers significantly, and that the made to order as fresh as possible can become homemade
with the addition of the Grill to the facility.

OnCue locations throughout the Metro are currently doing Grab and Go Warmers, which is
where the food is heated and available in the stores for breakfast and lunch. Those are
delivered daily from the production facility in Stillwater.

“What this new grill will be will be adding a new kitchen on the property to increase that menu
tenfold,” Fate said.

Fate said OnCue has focused on expansion in recent years. The first grill was opened in Edmond
in 2013, and now the newer store locations have the grills installed.
She said Mustang’s OnCue will be one of five locations where the grill is being installed this

“Everywhere we can have it, we’re going back an adding it because we really see value in it,”
Fate said.

Fate said the OnCue stores do see an uptick when it comes to in-store sales when a location has
the grill’s installed. She did not know the cost the store will be investing in the remodel at the
Mustang OnCue, or other OnCue locations where the grill is planned to be installed throughout

“We’re hoping to open at (location) 124, that’s the Mustang location, around July of next year,”
Fate said. “… That’s the goal, and the biggest thing that we’re also working on is just hiring local

Fate said she expects an increased presence in terms of hiring at the location in the coming

“As an Oklahoma-based company, there’s so much opportunity for growth, and food service is
our fastest growing area, and we’re investing in it significantly,” Fate said.

Interested in applying for the jobs? Visit and look at the career page for job
listings. Fate said the jobs for the Mustang location should be posted in the next three months
as the hiring presence increases.

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  1. David on January 31, 2024 at 6:46 pm

    I love the Oncues with grills. So glad the one in Mustang is getting a grill.

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