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Mustang officer takes Oath of Office

Jazreale Wright takes oath of office at Jan. 9 City Council meeting. (Photo by Tim Rooney)

By Jacob Sturm

Shortly after the start of the Mustang City Council meeting on Jan. 9, MPD officer Jazreale
Wright made her way to the front of City Hall’s Council Chambers and took an oath of office.

Wright, who has been working her way through the academy where she was trained for the
position, also has six years of military experience and two and a half years of armed security
before taking the job at the Mustang Police Department.

“I’ve grown in my confidence,” Wright said. “When I first started, I wasn’t super confident just
because I didn’t know anything (about the job procedures, roles), but now… it’s been a year
since I’ve been here (and) I’ve got a lot more confident and more comfortable doing this job.
It’s really great.”

At first, Wright wanted to be a doctor, but realized that the medical field wasn’t for her during
the COVID pandemic when in the military. From there, armed security opened the door for her
to consider going through police academy.

That’s when she applied to the Mustang Police Department, with some additional factors of the
community involvement the Police and Fire Departments have catching her eye about the
Mustang police force. The work from there has been getting her equipped for the responsibility
that comes with being an officer.

Part of that comes through her field training program, where she worked with Officer Jeremy
Collinson and multiple other officers within MPD.

“He’s (Collinson) helped me build up my confidence,” Wright said. “A lot of the guys who I were
training with… they didn’t treat me like I was dumb. They were very patient with me and
answered all the questions that I had. Even if I asked it five or six times, they stayed patient and
they answered it every time (with the) same answer.”

Mustang Police Chief Rob Groseclose mentioned that Wright was the first MPD hire of an
uncertified officer in 13 years. That meant the police department had to go through the process
of learning which academy they preferred, along with determining when Wright should be able
to swear into office.

Groseclose said there is a significant amount that is required to be accomplished before Wright
could be official.

“We chose, on behalf of the police department, to wait until she was certified,” Groseclose
said. “It just so happens that, because of her experience, she was simultaneously doing FTO (field training officer program) and had a gap in that while she attended the academy, and then
she came back and finished FTO up. It just so happened to work out that she completed FTO I
believe the week before we actually swore her in.”

“… Her swearing in was kind of a product of all of us learning together what it’s like to truly
train someone from ground zero,” Groseclose said.

Wright said she likes interacting with the community, with a hope to be more involved with the
youth of the community and showcasing that the police are there for the community and for
their safety.

“It’s just a matter of pride on behalf of our entire department what product she has turned
into,” Groseclose said. “And I say that because she is truly a product of our training, of being
trained by Mustang Police Officers to be a Mustang Police Officer… To have watched her grow
over the past year has been a personal pleasure of mine, just to watch her come into her own
and gain that strength of confidence… You can see that growth every single day, and that just
personally makes me proud. It makes me proud of not only her, but every guy under this roof
(and) every person under this roof that contributed to the ultimate product that we have.
We’re very proud of her.”

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