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Mustang cat takes top honor at Oklahoma festival

By Jess Kelsey
Managing Editor

Strutting his famous superhero getup, Jax Skywalker Wilson took the main stage Saturday night at the Myriad Gardens Cat Video Fest in Oklahoma City to receive a top honor three years in the making.

Jax Wilson received first place in the Cat Video Fest Photo Contest over the weekend in Oklahoma City.

Helped onstage by his owner and Mustang local, Troy Wilson, Jax the cat was awarded with first place in the Cat Video Fest Photo Contest receiving more than 100 votes.

Having entered the contest three years in a row, previously placing third and second, the Wilson family hoped this year would be Jax’s moment to shine.

Jax has become known as a local celebrity throughout Mustang, commonly seen throughout the area’s pet friendly businesses as well as city events.

His love of exploring Mustang in his superhero harness and leash is not quite what made Jax the celebrity he is, however, it is the fact he lives so adventurously as a blind cat.

“About six years ago he just wandered up to the garage at my sister’s house,” said Wilson. “He was really friendly, but we couldn’t find anyone to take him in. We knew right away he was too good of an animal to just leave, so we kept him.”

Wilson said it took a couple days after Jax came into his life before he realized the severity of Jax’s blindness. Jax’s veterinarian was unsure what may have caused his condition, but Wilson said Jax does not let it hold him back.

“I really think he was brought to us to help spread joy to us and others,” said Wilson. “He is my best little buddy.”

Wilson said Jax enjoys wearing outfits, walking around town and meeting new people.

“He really thrives interacting with others,” said Wilson.

One of Jax’s favorite places to visit is Wild Hero Coffee Co. in Mustang to get a “cattucinno” whipped cream treat, said Wilson.

To help fans of Jax keep up-to-date with Mustang’s famous feline, the Wilson family has created a Facebook page dedicated to Jax at

Jax was awarded with a prize package Saturday night that included treats, toys and a trophy for the Wilson family to display.

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