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‘Evil Dead the Musical’

The STATE Theatre brings unique comedic musical to Harrah

The cast of Evil Dead the Musical takes center stage at The STATE Theatre in Harrah to deliver a uniquely entertaining musical theatre experience. (Photo by Jason Turner)

Theatre goers are in for a show unlike anything they’ve seen before as Evil Dead the Musical takes the stage of Harrah’s historic STATE Theatre.
Evil Dead The Musical is a theatrical experience which combines the plots of Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead 2 (1987) with small doses of influence from the 1992 dark fantasy-adventure film, Army of Darkness.
The musical closely follows the comedic tone set in Army of Darkness, while delivering the gore and iconic scenes from the early cult classics in a theatrically adapted format.
The light-hearted slapstick comedy features humorously delivered show tunes performed live with a band side stage, and plenty of fake blood (including a splatter zone – getting the first few rows of the audience really involved and covered in blood).
This musical has the full support of the original creative team behind the films, and Bruce Campbell has gone to multiple cities to see the production as it grows popularity.
Like the classic films, the musical has now established a cult following of its own.
The musical has become a hit over the last 16 years prompting the New York Times to proclaim it as “The next Rocky Horror Show.”
The show debuted in a small bar in Toronto in 2003, made it Off-Broadway in New York City in 2006, and has since been performed in over 200 cities around the world.
Harrah’s STATE Theatre along with Awkward Boat Productions is the latest team to take on the musical that has been entertaining fans for nearly two decades.
Produced by Kat Hayes and directed by Mechele Allen, the show delivers with gore, terror and bad puns beloved by adults who enjoyed the classic films.

Carl Lance takes center stage as Ash in The STATE Theatre’s production of Evil Dead the Musical. (Photo by Jason Turner)

The show also appeals to an adult audience simply looking for an entertaining night out.
Located in downtown Harrah, the STATE Theatre provides an intimate viewing experience.
Like the films, a group of college students spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods, and accidentally unleash an evil terror.
In this comedic take on the franchise, characters and demons sing and dance side by side.
Carl Lance is an experienced actor with a long resume featuring a variety shows around the Oklahoma City metro area as well as national tours with Evita, Will Rogers Follies, Wizard of Oz and Christmas Carol.
Lance delivers as the leading man, bringing to life a musical version of the Evil Dead protagonist made famous by Bruce Campbell.
As expected, Ash begins cowardly and incapable of dealing with the horrors found at the cabin, but over the course of the show he overcomes his fears and fights off his possessed friends. All that unfolds with catchy musical numbers and well executed choreography.
Lance is supported by a talented lineup.
Hanna Mobley plays Cheryl, Brittany Halbert takes the stage as Linda, Coy Hayes is Scott, Amanda Schrattwieser plays Shelly, Kyle Snifflett performs as Ed, Amanda Kelly plays Annie and Jim Brown is Jake.
Nick Allen serves as assistant director, set designer and stage manager.
Choreography was done by KC Goldsby, lighting design is by Zadek Shaughnessy and Travis Hodge serves as sound engineer.
Stage hands include Casey Hayes, Katalyn Allen, Matt Schratwieser and Kyle Kubiak.
Casey Hayes, Tracey Francis, Katalyn Allen, Janey Wallace, Kyle Kubiak, Jim Brown and Nick Allen also step up as supporting cast.
Evil Dead the Musical took stage for three showings opening week at The STATE Theatre in Harrah, and there’s still time to support the talented cast and crew.

A talented cast and crew stun viewers with catchy musical numbers and unique choreography performed live at The STATE Theatre. (Photo by Jason Turner)

The show continues with 8 p.m. showings April 25, 26 and 27.
For more details visit or call (405) 309-6166.

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