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Carl Albert eighth graders capture conference crown

Carl Albert 8th grade football team completed an undefeated season by defeating arch-rival McGuinness and winning the conference championship. (Photo provided)

By John Martin
Staff Writer

Carl Albert Titans defeat McGuinness!!!
Yes, Coach Bryce Maddux and the Carl Albert Titan 8th grade football squad ignored cold and rainy weather and some early game mishaps to post an impressive 26-14 victory over arch-rival McGuinness Thursday night to wind up a perfect 8-0 season.

The Jr. Titans had already wrapped up an undefeated conference slate and the

McGuinness victory was the icing on their cake or a Gatorade Bath if you happen to be Coach Bryce Maddux.

The two toughest tests for the Titans came from within the Mid-Del system. With the consolidation of middle schools, Jarman and Monroney combined to form Midwest City Middle School and the CA boys defeated the Little Bombers, 18-8.

Then came the classic showdown with Del City, combined Del Crest and Kerr teams. The Eagles held a 6-0 lead until the final period when Hutch Russell unlimbered his passing arm and hit Preston Dunlap with the tying touchdown.

Coach Maddux then unveiled his secret fake PAT play for the two-point conversion and the 8-6 Titan victory.
The successful season included the following wins:
CA 29, Shawnee 8
CA 41, PC Hefner 30
CA 18, Midwest City 8
CA 33, PC West 21
CA 42, PC Cooper 6
CA 8, Del City 6
CA 41, Capps 8
CA 26, McGuinness 14

Head Coach: Bryce Maddux
Assistants: Dale Gilbert, Tim Harless, Michal Hom, Jake Hill, Riley Maddux, Briley Marvin, Caden Young.
Squad members include Ethan Spiwak, Paxton Pogue, Sir Michael Frazier, Easton Harless, Jocyea Jones, Jayden Mott, Hutch Russell, Kole Elbert, Layton Leavitt, Cameron Laurence, Julian Thompson, Eduard Shaw, Quincy Hopkins, Preston Dunlap, Steven Harris, Cole Wipfli, Troy Chase, Blake Pritchard, Easton Perkins, Ricky Johnson, Richard Perez, Calvin Madden and Treyton Holland.

Also, Malachi Stein, Brock Johnson, Lanon Turner, Lavontre Espere, Max Delancy, Sammy Gonzalez, Camden Hensley, Colton Johnson, Broc Hanks, Emerson Williams, Jordan Treaster, De’Mario Shanks, Cagney Edwards, Connor Fleming. Andrew Crawford, AJ Mason.
Managers: Mister Randle, London Owens, Mariah Plunkett, Cali Phillips, Kamryn Flin.

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