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Victim allegedly chases, catches would-be burglar

By Traci Chapman
Staff Writer

A 24-year-old Oklahoma City man faces burglary charges after a resident chased and subdued him after the man allegedly took several items from a park car.

Ryan Lee Youell faces two counts of third degree burglary and a single concealing stolen property charge related to an April 11 incident that allegedly occurred in the early morning hours of April 11.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court to obtain an arrest warrant in the case, dispatchers at about 1:50 a.m. sent officers with Oklahoma City Police Department to a residence near the intersection of NW 71st and Meadow Lane. There they found a man who identified himself as the owner of a car restraining Youell, who the man said allegedly attempted to take items out of that vehicle.
Officers located a firearm, later determined to be a BB gun, and several items allegedly identified as stolen next to the restrained man, according to the report.

Youell allegedly told officers the man’s car was one of four he entered and took items from, including a wallet officers said the Oklahoma City man took from a car parked in front of a residence located in the 9200 block of SW 77th.

If convicted, Youell could serve up to five years in prison for each burglary charge and a maximum six-month sentence for concealing stolen property.

Court records showed this was the first criminal felony case filed against Canadian County prosecutors against Youell, although the Oklahoma City man has on his records felony convictions out of Oklahoma County for crimes similar to that he is accused of perpetrating locally.

Youell in March pleaded guilty to two counts of second degree burglary brought against him in 2018; the judge in that case gave Youell a seven-year suspended sentence, as well as ordering restitution, court costs and fees and a drug and alcohol assessment, records showed. That judgment was rendered March 18; March 19, the court accelerated the deferred sentence, according to court documents.

Oklahoma County prosecutors also filed a February 2020 case against Youell, charging him with felony unauthorized use of a vehicle. The Oklahoma City man also pleaded guilty in that case March 18, and that sentence was combined with the 2018 case.

Canadian County court records showed no hearings yet set in the case. Like the rest of the judiciary docket, this matter was placed on hold except for arraignment and other issues that could not be continued due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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