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Don’t go crazy, just get Grazey with Graze Craze

Graze Craze is America’s leader in graze-style charcuterie eating.  Graze Craze now has its newest location to serve all the fine folks of west OKC, Yukon, Mustang and El Reno.  It is conveniently located, just south of I-40, at 501 S. Mustang Rd where you will find one of the newest food trends gaining popularity across the United States. What is Charcuterie and graze-style eating you may ask?  This food style, stemming from its old-world roots in Europe, is best described through a phrase coined by Graze Craze; “No Fuss Fancy Feasting.”

The ingredients in all Graze Craze personal lunch boxes, picnic boxes and platters feature, cured meats, specialty cheeses with artisan breads, combined with farm fresh produce of the highest quality fruits and vegetables.  In addition, Graze Craze goes a step further in creating its own house-made sauces, dips, jams, and pickles.

So now that you know the general definition of graze-style charcuterie, when you combine that with the Graze Craze concept, you have something truly special.  They provide amazing food with a concierge level of customer service, 7-days a week in eco-friendly packaging and to top it all off, you are just one click away from FREE DELIVERY EVERYWHERE!

Graze craze has five OKC area locations and 20 others throughout the United States. Graze Craze projects over 100 locations in most major cities across the US by the end of next year.  The company was created approximately two years ago by co-owner and founder Kerry Sylvester who is a self-proclaimed traveling foodie, single mother and someone with an appreciation for efficiency in business.  These traits are a result of her 15-year career in the legal field, as well as her role as Director of Operations for a national food related company.  Kerry’s creativity with graze-style creations for social events and her background in efficient business practices during her legal and food distribution career, formed the business model that is now Graze Craze.   For purposes of this article, Miss Sylvester was asked, “What are four things you would like the public to know about Graze Craze?”  She responded with:

1.High Quality ingredients
From our original spice blend, broiled ham, to artisan salami from a New Jersey company with ties to old world Italy, our cured meats are something you just can’t get anywhere else.  Paired with premium cheeses, such as red wine merlot or hatch green chile, and our fresh artisan breads, you are off to a great start.   Our secret weapon to bring each Graze Craze creation to life is our house made sauces, jam and pickles.

2. Efficiency convenience.
There are numerous DIY social medial based services that make beautiful customized grazing boxes or platters.  However, many times they require pre-orders days in advance and do not fulfill the needs for an on-demand lifestyle.  Graze Craze allows our customers to order and pick up a large platter, feeding 10 people, within an hour.   We are open from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.  We also provide our customers with the convenience of walking in and picking up a lunch box or picnic box with no wait.  All of our boxes are made fresh daily.  We encourage our customers to stop by any time.  Our commercial accounts are a breeze.  A simple email or text will fire off orders to your office or to a client; with one simple command it’s done.

3. Presentation/Packaging/Gifting
All our creations, whether it is a personal lunch box or a large elaborate platter, will be presented with the highest level of artful presentation and style.  We pride ourselves with the unique gifting solutions that we provide our customers.  You can send a grazing box or platter as a birthday, congratulations, bereavement, or any other special occasion to a close family member of friend.  You can also enroll your business in our highly efficient commercial account program and earn generous rewards on all your food purchases. Pharmaceutical reps, insurance agents, real estate professionals, along with many other businesses use Graze Craze for business gifting.  A delivery of our graze craze says to your customer “I value our working relationship”

4. Our Customer Service
Every customer is a friend of Graze Craze.  If you walk into our store, you will be greeted as if you have been in a million times before.  We love our customers and we love the excitement they have when ordering and receiving our food.  Our customers choose to come to our restaurant because of our concierge-style customer service.  All food created in our restaurant is delivered by the same people who make the food.  We ensure that the utmost care is taken when delivering your food, whether it is for you or a gift for someone else because that is what our customers deserve.

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