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Brotherhood Garage helping keep vehicles on the road

By Van Mitchell
Contributing Writer

Pictured is the Crusha family including; left to right, Brandon Crusha, daughter, Josie, sons Lucas, Jamey, and wife, Kayla Crusha. (Provided photo)

 Brandon Crusha served two tours in AR Ramadi Iraq with 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment Kilo Company 2nd platoon.

Kilo Company’s motto was “Brotherhood” meaning everyone takes care of each other.

Crusha has carried on that motto through his automotive business, Brotherhood Garage, located at 303 South Ranchwood Boulevard in Yukon.

“During those deployments, my fellow Marines and I were continuously engaged in combat with the enemy,” Crusha wrote on his business website. “Kilo Company’s motto was “Brotherhood” meaning everyone takes care of each other. This is ultimately what we are trying to model in our business every day.  From our team members to our clients and everyone in between, we are here to serve and ensure everyone can be taken care of.”

 Brotherhood Garage services include; engine work, tune-ups, front end, brakes, electrical, transmission, A/C service, foreign and domestic.

Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Adversity is nothing new to us,” Crusha wrote on the business website. “Because we know what it’s like, we feel compelled to help others in the best way we know how: vehicle problems. We have always loved helping people and that’s why we decided to open this repair shop. We help people keep their cars on the road.”

 Crusha said Brotherhood Garage has steadily grown, and now has 12 employees.

“At Brotherhood Garage, we have put together an amazing team and are growing daily,” he said. “From 2016 to 2017, were probably my two slowest years, and from 2018 to present, it gets busier every single day.”

Crusha said he likes being his own boss.

“I have always been geared that way,” he said. “I have always thought I was one of those people that anytime I am in a leadership position, I needed to be the kind of boss that I would want to work for. That is what I have always tried to focus on.”

Crusha is married to his wife Kayla. They have three children, Josie, Jamey and Lucas.

Crusha said Brotherhood Garage gives a special helping hand to all service members past and present with a special veteran discount.

Crusha said he is proud to be able to help the local economy by providing employment opportunities.

“It feels good to me to be able to provide that many jobs in our local community,” he said.

For more information call (405) 265-7617 or visit

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