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Minco FFA’s Herrel and Callis exhibit at National Western Livestock Show in Denver

Landon McMahon, Case Brassfield, and Dason McMurtrey are pictured at the OKC National Stockyards.

By Jayson Knight

Minco FFA members have worked hard during the first three weeks of the spring semester, Minco FFA Instructor Trever Stelzig said earlier this week.
Besides competing at livestock shows, Minco FFA also travels to local farms to get a look at local animals.
Sharing some of what Minco FFA has been up to, Stelzig said, “Minco FFA and 4-H have traveled to Weatherford to judge performance bulls and Simmental heifers. We do try to go to different farms. Every Thursday, Minco livestock teams practice their judging skills, and we thank the community members and farms for allowing us to practice sets!
“Stock show season has geared up, and Minco FFA member Addison Anthony has succeeded with her spot pig. At the same time, Adlie Settle of Minco 4-H was reserve breed Berkshire and 3rd overall in her respected showmanship category at the Weatherford OCPA. Case Brassfield has the high salesman during our Blue and Gold fall sale this year, earning him the reward of a steak dinner. While at dinner, Landon McMahon, Case, and Dason McMurtrey got to see the OKC stockyards and learned some dinner etiquette. Finally, Minco FFA held a January meeting called ‘Galaxy Game Night.’ A game night to recruit future FFA members from the 7th and 8th Grades. Mr. Stelzig and the officers got to meet the organization’s future, and I cannot wait for them to be a part of this great organization!”

Addison Anthony shows her spot barrow at a recent livestock show.

Braedon Callis competed at the National Western Livestock Show in Denver, Colorado placing 5th.

Hallie Herrel exhibited market swine at the National Western Livestock show in Denver Colorado earlier this month. She had fifth overall lightweight cross and sixth overall middleweight cross.

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