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Minco candidate forum Friday at 7 pm

A forum for potential city council members for the City of Minco is being held Friday evening at 7 p.m. at Minco High School.

The City of Minco has two city council seats that will be voted on Tuesday, April 4.

Ward 2 and Ward 4 each have three candidates. Voters must be registered by March 10 to participate in the election.

Longtime Ward 2 representative Karen Dirickson has chosen not to run. Running, instead, for Ward 2 will be Royce Addington, John Chiles, and Rex Ramey.

The three candidates for Ward 4 are incumbent Kathy Edwards, Felicia Tinsley, and Robert Ague.

The forum was coordinated by a former candidate for city council who did not get an opportunity to speak to the public.

Speaking anonymously, the former council candidate said, “I ran in the past and didn’t really get an opportunity to tell my story and what I had planned. I feel like it’s a shortfall when you don’t have the opportunity to explain yourself, and we have a significant amount of people running. I feel like they should each get a chance to speak, and nobody else was doing it. So, I figured why not? I have had quite a few citizens that wanted to be involved and help with it, so that’s been helpful, and they’ve been able to help get the word out.”

Union City Mayor Bob McGregor will serve as moderator for the event, and the public will get an opportunity to ask questions.

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