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OG&E seeking to upgrade aging power plant in eastern Oklahoma County

OG&E is proposing a $331 million project to upgrade the Horseshoe Lake Power Plant near Harrah. Photo provided

Proposed project expected to cost $331 million and raise residential rates by $2.20 per month

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company is eyeing a $331 million project to upgrade a power plant in eastern Oklahoma County.

OG&E is asking the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for approval to replace two aging power generation units at the Horseshoe Lake Power Plant, 19801 NE 36th St.

Officials say the Horseshoe Lake Power Plant units being replaced are the oldest in OG&E’s generation fleet and have served customers for more than 60 years. OG&E wants to replace the vintage gas-fired steam units with new gas-fired combustion turbines.

The new units will provide approximately 450 megawatts of generation capacity.

Additionally, the new units will have the ability to be turned off and on quickly, allowing them to supply power during peak times and lower emission rates than the existing units. The new combustion turbines will be designed to burn hydrogen safely and reliably once it becomes available as a fuel and could convert to use hydrogen as its primary fuel in the future.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth across our service area as the communities we serve continue to thrive, “said Sean Trauschke, OGE Energy Corp. chairman, president & CEO. “With affordability for our customers top of mind, adding combustion turbines at our existing Horseshoe Lake facility, with its highly skilled workforce, provides our customers the most cost-effective option to meet their energy needs.”

To help meet power generation needs in recent years, OG&E officials say they have invested in solar and wind generation, expanded energy efficiency and demand response programs, as well as acquired existing power generation facilities.

Overall, the project is expected to cost $331 million, and will result in an increase of $2.20 per month for the average residential customer. However, the new rates wouldn’t go into effect until the new generation units begin providing power to customers planned for late 2026.

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