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Hines named Miss Tuttle Fair & Cheatwood named Little Miss Tuttle


By Jayson Knight

The 2023 Miss Tuttle Fair is Elizabeth Hines and Little Miss Tuttle for the year is Meadow Cheatwood. This year’s pageant featured nine contestants, and the Little Miss Pageant had 16 entries.
Pageant Coordinator Shae Mortimer actually participated in the pageant for four years when she was in high school.
She shared Monday her experience as a contestant, saying, “Whenever I participated my first year, Sandra Garrett was running the pageant at that time. She had asked me to participate and I first kind of thought no way, why would I do that? Like, I show livestock. Then, I decided, you know what, it actually sounds like fun. I did it, and after that first time I was hooked.”
Mortimer also expressed some of the major takeaways she had.
“For me, personally, it got me out of my comfort zone,” she said. “It let me make friends in a different way, and it was different people than I would have typically gotten to spend time with. It also gave me a lot of valuable life skills like public speaking, which is critical for anybody, being able to introduce yourself and being able to think on the fly a little bit. That is one of the things that, thinking back, made me really glad that I did it, and also just having good interview skills. You never know what you’re going to be asked in a job interview and you never really know what you’re going to be asked in these interviews either. They each had an organization they were representing, and it was also good to hear them advocate for something they believed in.”

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