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Powderpuff Turkey Bowl November 7

By Jayson Knight

The Tuttle Student Council will host its Third Annual Turkey Bowl Tuesday, November 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Richison Family Stadium.
The Turkey Bowl is a powder puff tournament that will feature girls and women competing against each other, while some of Tuttle’s varsity football players, and other young men, do the cheering.
Landry Underwood, the advisor for the student council, teaches ninth grade English, ninth grade Honors English, and she has a student council class as well.
She said Friday, “Our girls play powder puff football, and then we have coaches that coach the teams as well. There’s four coaches for each team and then we have boys that dress up as cheerleaders if they want to. My favorite thing about the event is how all of our students get to participate, whether they are just in student council, but maybe they don’t want to play in the flag football tournament. We go and look for sponsors for the event and our student council this year has really challenged themselves. Last year we raised $4,000 overall for Turkey Bowl between sponsorship and entry fees for the teams and concession stand, and all of that. This year, they challenged themselves that they wanted to make $4,000 just in sponsorships alone. As of right now, we are at $4,800 and sponsorships aren’t due until the 30th of October.”
The money raised goes to putting together boxes of food so that local families who might not be able to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner otherwise, will be able to.
“This is truly a fundraising experience where we think about how it’s going to impact the community,” Mrs. Underwood said. “All of the money that we raise, we put towards food baskets. We work with Williams Foods and we put food baskets together as a class. It’s kind of exciting for my students to see the start-to-finish process, and it all goes towards the community.”

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