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Mustang Walmart operating new Market Fulfillment Center

Walmart employees operate the Market Fulfillment Center inside the Mustang Walmart on Monday, Dec. 4. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

A four-year process is producing benefits to the Mustang Walmart through a newly introduced
automated market fulfillment center.

Scott Langston, Mustang Walmart Store Manager, said the goals Walmart has with
implementing the MFC is increased customer service, to provide a good experience for
associates as the store fulfills orders and also to increase capacity.

“We want to get this out to as many customers as we can as possible,” Langston said. “We do
feel like it’s best in class service.”

Langston said the realization that Mustang Walmart had before committing to the Market
Fulfillment Center was based on business that was needed to be provided in the community.
He said the store understood that there was a demand and answered that need with the online

“We were one of the first stores to open an original online grocery,” Langston said. “And due to
the demand the customers in Mustang had, it was evident that we needed to go provide better
service and provide more. So, we were luckily one of the few stores to be able to have this

The addition of the MFC is also providing new jobs. Associates are needed to be able to operate
the machinery, which includes alphabots perusing around the six story structure and
methodically completing order requests from the public. While there is automation to the
work, those employees will be needed to make sure the machinery is functioning correctly.

Training is required for those employees, with Langston saying the employees on the leadership
team traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas for extensive training for the first store that opened.
That team took the training from that trip and trained the associates working at Mustang

Currently the capped amount of production the MFC can produce daily is 1,000 orders. The
structure is also six stories tall, covering 35,000 square feet and supporting 28 parking spaces
for pickup orders at once.

The MFC is primarily catered to food and consumable items like toiletries, over the counter
items and health and beauty items.

Chris Lone, the Mustang Walmart MFC Store Leader, said the MFC has been operational since

“We’ve had a pretty fantastic launch honestly,” Lone said. “We’ve had very minimal issues since
the start. We’ve been able to reach all of the milestones before us to be able to ramp up. We’ve
done relatively well. I think as technology improves, I think it will only increase the amount of
orders we are able to do.”

Lone said the capabilities will continue improving, and expects that to generate more
excitement from the Walmart Associates.

The structure runs from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Lone said eventually the store will run the
majority of the day. Currently, that is a progression Walmart has not yet hit as the process is
still in its infancy.

Items are picked three hours out and dispensed somewhere in the MFC machine 90 minutes
out from pickup. That is all done out of the new room in Walmart where the MFC is located.

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