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ODOT making changes to I-40 construction zone

ODOT is opening a temporary Texas turnaround at the Town Center Dr. bridge over I-40. The turnaround will allow drivers heading west on I-40 to make a U-turn at Town Center to access the Hruskocy Gate at Tinker AFB. Photo by Jeff Harrison

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

Big changes are coming to the Interstate 40 construction zone in Midwest City.

Next week, ODOT plans to reopen the westbound I-40 off-ramp at Douglas Blvd. and permanently close the westbound off-ramp to Industrial Blvd.

A temporary Texas turnaround is also being constructed at Town Center Dr./I-40 that will help drivers get onto Tinker Air Force Base using the Hruskocy Gate.

Drivers traveling west on I-40 will be able to exit at Town Center Dr. and make a U-turn onto eastbound I-40 without stopping at a traffic light. They can then exit at Industrial Blvd. to access Tinker at the Hruskocy Gate.

The turnaround is being built on the northbound side of the Town Center Dr. bridge over I-40. The rightmost lane has been closed for construction. It will remain closed through Spring 2025.

The changes are expected to happen on Thursday, March 14. The Industrial Blvd. ramp closure and Town Center Dr. turnaround are set to open at 7 a.m. with the Douglas on-ramp to follow at 8 a.m.

The work is expected to help traffic flow through the work zone, especially onto Tinker, said Bryce Boyer, ODOT public information officer.

“We talked to Tinker and the city, and we think this is the best option,” Boyer said. “We know that if we funnel all the traffic off onto Douglas Blvd. it will create a bigger backlog at Industrial.”

Boyer acknowledged the project is not perfect.

“This seems to be a good solution for everything at the table,” he said.

ODOT is nearing the one-year mark on the $170 million project that includes widening I-40 between Town Center Dr. and I-240, rebuilding the Douglas Blvd. interchange and other bridge improvements. Crews started the project in April 2023. It is expected to take two years to complete.

* This story was corrected from the print version. The westbound I-40 off-ramp at Douglas Blvd. will be reopening next week. The westbound I-40 on-ramp at Douglas will remain closed.

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