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Congressman and Midwest City celebrate rail spur groundbreaking

Midwest City celebrated groundbreaking for a new railroad spur that will serve American Glass on NE 23rd St. Photo by Jeff Harrison

Congressman Tom Cole and City of Midwest City leadership joined together to break ground on an important rail project in northwest Midwest City on Friday.

This project, located in Soldier Creek Industrial Park, is a vital link to existing rail infrastructure in the area and is expected to boost economic development efforts in SCIP. When completed, the spur will provide rail connectivity to the American Glass Inc. headquarters that is currently under construction.

Federal funding for construction of this rail spur is being made possible by Congressman Cole’s direct efforts to tap Federal Railroad Administration improvement funds. Up to $3 million in Federal grants could be infused into the SCIP rail spur, as well as an additional rail spur project that would connect to the Centrillium Protein development located near N. Air Depot Blvd. and NE 36th St.

“The approval of this funding is a direct result of Congressman Cole’s work to help our community,” said Tim Lyon, City Manager. “We’d like to thank him for working so tirelessly for us. The American Glass and Centrillium developments are key components to our growth in Midwest City and we’re excited that these funds could help us quickly fulfill our commitments to those projects.”
Before receiving an announcement from Congressman Cole, the Midwest City Economic Development Authority had approved an investment of nearly $3.4 million to build rail spurs connecting to SCIP and the Centrillium Protein development. Reimbursement to the authority would have come from the North Side Improvement District (City of Midwest City, TIF District #3). Instead, the availability of Federal funding could improve the timeline for completion and termination of the TIF District. A future announcement will be made regarding the start of construction for the second rail spur project connecting to Centrillium Protein.

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