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There’s no food like fair food

Carnival Eats & Treats bringing taste of the State Fair to Tuttle

By Steve Coulter

TUTTLE – You don’t have to wait until September to enjoy your favorite fair foods. Carnival Eats & Treats offers state fair food all year round. The Oklahoma based food concession stand is located at 5109 E Hwy 37 in Tuttle.

Some of the menu items include State Fair Corn Dogs, Indian tacos, brisket nachos, pizza, funnel cakes, fried Oreos, pretzels, cotton candy, cheese on a stick, fresh squeezed lemonade, and cherry limeades.

Owners Chris and Angie Dirck have been in the concession business for many years.

“We mainly do large events. Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Mardi Gras, Tulsa State Fair, Chickasha Light Festival and stuff like that. People really love our Indian Taco, but funnel cakes are always the top seller,” said Angie Dirck.

The couple moved to Tuttle and discovered a great opportunity to bring fair food to the area.

“We moved out to the area. We live about five miles from where we have it now. Then when everything started getting cancelled, I was like why don’t we go look for a location. And that’s when we decided to open up here,” said Dirk.

Word is traveling fast about the new Tuttle location. Carnival Eats & Treats has a big following from past events and people are coming from all over to enjoy their tasty treats.

“Today we had someone drive from Ardmore. People come from Ardmore, Edmond and Moore. We probably had 30 to 50 customers come from the Lawton area this week. Right now, people just want something to do. It’s kind of a car ride,” said Dirck.

It’s also great with social distancing.

“There’s picnic tables scattered around. It’s a nice alternative to a restaurant, because you have a lot of distance from everybody,” she said.

Customers are bringing their appetite and coming back several times.

“We have been multiple times and it has been wonderful every time! The food is amazing! We have tried the funnel cake, Indian taco, brisket nachos, pizza, corn dogs and the cherry limeade. It has all been fantastic! Price wise it is great, way cheaper than the fair! The people are extremely friendly, and they get the food out very quickly! I highly recommend this place!” said customer Casi Bowles.

Doug Parker is also a big fan.

“Best Indian Tacos in the area, and pizza by the slice was great,” he said. “Will definitely be back! Gotta try the fried cheese and fried Oreos.”

This week the owners are adding new menu items.

“We’re coming out with strawberry funnel cakes. This is actually like the base flavor,” said Dirck.

Red velvet funnel cakes will also be added to the menu and are a “huge seller.”

Carnival Eats and Treats is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Look for the stand across from Dollar General on Hwy 37 in Tuttle.


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