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Big response to ‘Bringing Back Steak and Ale’

By Steve Coulter

Two weeks ago I broke the story on the epic comeback of Steak and Ale.
The first location is set to open next year in Cancun Mexico.

A Steak and Ale as remembered by many.

It’s going to be magnificent and located right on the beach. Steak and Ale is now looking for franchisees from North Carolina to Oklahoma.
The article generated a huge response and excitement spread quickly all across the United States. We received a ton of messages from Colorado to Indiana. Here is a just a few of the comments.
“Would love to see it come back. My husband proposed to me at the Steak and Ale in OKC. Loved the Hawaiian chicken, steak and salad bar,” said Sharon Newton
“OMG! When I read your article, I was flooded with sooo many memories!!! GREAT OKC MEMORIES!” said Suizan Furlong-Schacherer
“This news made my day!!! Steak and Ale was my favorite restaurant!!! Please consider the Midwest City, Oklahoma area for a location!!! With Tinker AFB there, you can’t go wrong,” said Marcheta Corday
“We cherished our Steak and Ale, it was a treasured restaurant in Tucker, Georgia and was packed most all the time,” said Meg Pettus Oliver
“Please come back to Dallas TX. We had our wedding dinner there and it was fabulous,” said Sheila Powell
“I remember the Steak and Ale in South Bend Indiana. My husband and I used to go there quite often. I remember the salad bar. It was delicious. I would love to see the restaurant come back,” said Megan Hansbro
“Please do not forget Kansas City, Missouri. My whole family ate at the I-35 location in Independence, MO. Steak and Ale is missed by just about everybody I know. Please come back!” said Bobby De Moss

“We loved Steak and Ale in Waco Texas. Was soooooo sad to see it leave. Please include Waco as a new spot for Steak and Ale,” said Ruby Estes
“Please come back to Louisiana. Preferably New Orleans,” said William Rainer
“ Please bring to Atlanta, as well. We loved going there every week!! Great News!” said Greta Rowe
“OMG, I may have to go to Cancun while I await the return to Oklahoma City!” said Marcia S
“Please come back to Houston. Was always one of our favorites and have missed it tremendously,” said Kath Munhausen
“I hope you have “Georgia on your mind” as Steak and Ale was always our favorite place to dine.
“Yes! I want to be first in line! Shawnee is sorely lacking in warm atmosphere and awesome food! Awww…the fresh overflowing  salad bar, the bread, the steaks, the pineapple chicken! Don’t forget the incredibly delicious French Onion soup with melted cheese and a great big crouton soaking in the deliciously rich beefy lusciousness. MMmmmm,” said Tanya Gentry
That was just a small sample of all the comments we received. Want to be a Steak and Ale franchisee? Or know someone who might be interested? For more information about becoming a franchisee or investor go to or


  1. Victoria on September 12, 2020 at 11:06 am

    I loved Steak and Ale. I loved the warmth of the wood and the smaller cozy atmosphere of the rooms. I loved the fact that the Bartenders were excellently Trained and no matter what you asked for – they knew how to make it – and make it right. Steak and Ale had the Best Manhattans – I have never found a Manhattan like the ones at Steak and Ale since they shut their doors. The Food at Steak and Ale was always delicious. The Steaks done exactly as you requested them cooked. The Staff was always Professional. Please..someone in Oklahoma Invest in a Steak and Ale. Yukon, OK or Mustang would be great locations. I realize during this Pandemic is not the optimum time to open a Restaurant, but you could begin building it…and it will be ready for Me. Lol.

  2. Robert on February 5, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    Yes, please bring Steak & Ale back to Houston and the northwest suburbs. We loved eating there.

  3. 'Ed Potts' on May 9, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    My wife and I met at Steak & Ale, LaVista Road, Atlanta, Ga on November 9, 1977. The legendary Banks & Shane were playing. We married 4 months later and still going strong. Come back to Atlanta and bring the salad bar. Ed

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